About Me


Meet the Photographer

Hi, I’m Jenna! Thanks for visiting my site! I have had a passion for photography since I could first get my hands on a camera. Photography has come a LONG way from Polaroids and black & white shoe box cameras (which I learned to use in my high school photography class). While I have always dreamed of a career in this field, I chose to follow a completely different path. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from MSU, which led me to a 6am-6pm workday for 8 years, which eventually led me to my husband and raising a loving family, which led me full circle, back to photography! I thank my lucky stars every day for this life I have been blessed with and thank my husband for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams!

My Goal

I love witnessing the beauty of family, love, nature, just everything in life, and I truly believe that absolutely no moment is ever worth forgetting. Let me help you capture the biggest moments in your life and turn them into something you will never forget!